Meeting 17: aMuse

Meeting 17:


  • Girls Scout Junior Adult Guide
  • Copy of Speak Out! Project Planner
  • Sign up sheet; copies of invitation
  • Any art supplies already on hand
  • aMUSE-ing Snacks (see page 74 of Adult Guide)

 Opening Ceremony

 What’s My Role? Get the girls thinking about how they will present their story to their audience, and the roles they’d like to play when they present it.

  • They’ll also want to plan out how they will invite their audience, who will send the initiations (if using), how they will greet their audience on the day of the performance and how they want to ask their audience to commit to their call to action. Once girls have decided who to present story and what they’ll need, pass around a planning and sign-up sheet, and have each girl write her name next to a role. Suggest that girls can take more than one role.
  • For more information refer to page 73 of the Adult Guide.

Bringing a Muse to Life

  • Follow the directions on page 73 of Adult Guide.
  • aMUSE-ing Snack: “Break A Banana” Split
  • Refer to page 74 of the Adult Guide

Closing Ceremony: Crazy Curtain Calls

  • Curtain calls usually come at the end of a performance. It is tradition for all the cast to take a bow at the end.
  • Have girls line up and take turns in a fun and crazy curtain call
  • One girl steps forward, turns to face the line of girls and makes a playful curtain call by taking a bow and then by being silly as she likes. She might throw kisses to crowd, jump up and down, do a dance, or anything of her choice. Then the next girl steps forward to do her crazy curtain call, and so on, until all the Juniors have had a turn.

Looking Ahead to Session 8

  • In the next session girls will present their Speak Out! Project and earn their Speak Out! Award. So guide them to confirm the date, time and location of their presentation, be sure they have chosen their audience.
  • For a smooth presentation, you might add in some additional rehearsal time for the girls, ahead of the big day.
  • Also call on your Network for any needed materials or snack ingredients.