Meeting 15: Breathe

Goal: Girls celebrate their accomplishments on this journey and reflect on their roles as heirs apparent of air and all of Earth’s elements.

Meeting 15:

Supplies and Resources

  • Breathe Cadette Girl Scout Journey
  • Any supplies needed for the ceremony the girls have planned
  • Copies of the “Heir Apparent” reflection, on page 93 of the adult guide
  •  Healthy snacks for the group

Meeting Outline

 As the girls arrive:

  • Designate assistants for the meeting and be sure they understand their roles.

Celebrate with Purpose!

  • Enjoy the celebration your troop or group has planned.

 Heir Apparent Reflection

  • Encourage the girls to think about their Journey as they fill out their “Heir Apparent of Air” reflections.

 Closing Ceremony

  • Complete a closing ceremony of the girls’ choice; refer to page 92 of the adult guide for ideas.