Meeting 15: aMuse

Goal: The Juniors turn their story into a form of creative expression that will educate and inspire others to stand up to stereotypes.

Meeting 15:


  • Girls Scout Junior Adult Guide
  • Art supplies (whatever materials you desire)
  • Copies of the storyboard form (page 70 Adult Guide)
  • Guest artist (if invited)
  • Healthy Snack

Opening Ceremony: The Blob

  • Let the girls know that actors sometimes use an exercise called “The Blob” to practice working well as a team.
  • Explain that they will huddle together, shoulder to shoulder, facing any direction. The team becomes one creature, the Blob.
  • Have girls stand quietly, without speaking, and sense how the Blob wants to move.
  • Invite everyone to move together, going with the movement, with no one actually leading

 Time to Create!

  • Gather Junior sisters around the materials they will use to tell their story and inform them that it is time for them to bring out their creativity, energy and teamwork to turn their stereotype-busting story into a work of art.
  • Refer to page 67 of the Adult Guide for more information on this activity.
  •  Snack Time!!

Closing Ceremony