Meeting 14: aMuse

Meeting 14:


  • Girl Scout Junior Adult Guide
  • Girl Scout Junior aMUSE (Girls Book)
  • Ingredients for S’mores and an oven, toaster oven or campfire

Opening Ceremony

Choosing our Audience

  • Have girls discuss their ideas of people they would like to share their stories to and what they want their audiences to do once they’ve heard the stories.
  • Refer to page 62 of the Adult Guide for more information.

Project Coaching Tip

  • See page 62 of the Adult Guide for more information.

Deciding How to Tell Our Story

  • Let the Junior team know that their strengthens and interests as a group will come into play when they decide how to tell their story to their chosen audience
  • Refer girls to “Your Heart, Your Art, Your Part” (pages 44-45 of the GB)
  • For more information for activity refer to pages 63-64 of the Adult Guide.

aMUSE-ing snack: S’mores

Closing Ceremony: Celebrating our Decisions

  • To Celebrate all the big decisions made in this session on the girls’ Speak Out! Project, make and enjoy long-standing Girl Scout favorites, S’mores!
  •  If unsure how to make them indoor, just look up Indoor S’mores on the Web.

Looking Ahead to Sessions 6-7

  • Session 6-7 are grouped together as time for the Juniors to get creative with their stereotype-busting story, so they can inspire their audience. These two combined session will be used to transform their story, so remind girls to bring any notes that they may have jotted down
  • This will also be the time to invite any artists from the kickoff, who can provide expertise and inspiration on the art form the girls have chosen. If possible, ask the artist about art materials and equipment to have on hand.
  • The local library will have how-to books with detailed instructions to help you step the girls through creating stories in various mediums.
  • Look ahead to the next sessions, and call on your Network to help gather any needed materials.