Meeting 12: Breathe

Goal: Girls earn the ALERT Award and follow up on their effort to assess what “care for air” they may have set in motion. They decide if there are other actions they or their Air care Team can do to boost the effort. They begin to think about how they will AFFIRM and pass on their efforts as leaders, and take some Air Time to do an activity of their choosing.

Meeting 12:

Supplies and Resources

  • Breathe Cadette Girl Scout Journey book
  • Markers, pens
  • Paper, glue, scissors, and tape
  • ALERT awards, one for each girl
  • Healthy snack

Meeting Outline

 As the girls arrive:

  • Designate assistants for the meeting and be sure they understand their roles.

Opening Ceremony: Earning ALERT

  • The girls will receive their ALERT Award, refer to page 83 of the adult guide for more information about this ceremony.

Pulse Check: Toward AFFIRM

  • Discuss the ALERT project with the girls, use the dialogue on page 84 of the adult guide to encourage them to think about how their project went and how they might improve the next time they plan a project.

Pulse Check: Teamwork

  • Discuss any challenges the girls faced in working as a team. Use page 84 of the adult guide to help them create a list of the challenges they faced, and how they overcame these challenges.

Snack Time!

 Closing Ceremony

  • Invite the girls to choose a closing ceremony for today’s meeting.
  • Before the meeting ends, ask the girls to begin thinking about who they would like to thank for their assistance with the ALERT Project.