Meeting 12: aMuse

Goal: The Juniors team up to create an educational and inspiring story about stereotypes that sends others a call to action-to stop stereotyping.

Meeting 12:


  • Girls Scout Junior Adult Guide
  • Girl Scout Junior aMUSE (Girls Book)
  • Ball of yarn
  • Chart paper
  • Whiteboard or chalkboard
  • Marker or chalk

Opening Ceremony: A Good Yarn

  • Invite girls to join in a circle. Hand the ball of yarn to one girl and ask her to begin a tale with one sentence. Her sentence can be humorous or as outrageous as she likes
  • Once the first girl has spoken, she holds onto the thread end of the yarn, tosses the ball to another girl so the yarn unwinds, and calls out, “What happens next?”

Allowing the second girl to add a sentence to the story. This will continue until each girl has added a sentence.

  • Once story has finished, point out that the yarn has formed a web, connecting all the girls and symbolizing that the story they told belongs to them all.
  • For more details of activity refer to page 57 of Adult Guide.

First, the Stereotype

  • Remind the girls that they’ve learned about stereotypes so far
  • Then invite the girls to name any stereotypes they’ve noticed, especially since they’ve been asked to be on the lookout for them , in books, TV shows, movies, advertisements, real life.
  • Once everyone has had a chance to name a stereotype, get discussions going.
  • Refer to page 58 of the Adult Guide for more information on activity.

Stereotype to Take Action On!

  • Guide girls to select a stereotype to focus their Speak Out! Story on. Point them to the section in their book about “Josefina and the Giant Tortilla” (page 50 GB)
  • For more information go to page 59 of the Adult Guide.
  • Snack Time!!

Closing Ceremony