Meeting 11: aMuse

Meeting 11:


  • Girls Scout Junior Adult Guide
  • Resources to get to Library
  • Awards for each Junior
  • Healthy Snack

Opening Ceremony

Your Library’s Treasures

  • Explore your local library’s resources. Prepare a poster to encourage greater use of the library, or an advertising flyer to let the community know about all the library’s treasures.

Reach Out! Award Ceremony and Closing

  • Gather Juniors together and ask each one to say one thing she learned while earning the Reach Out! Award. Then honor each girl with her award, and let them all know they can feel proud of having reached out into the community and found themselves a great group of muses.
  • Refer to page 53 of Adult Guide for more information.Snack Time!!

Looking Ahead to Session 5

  • In the next session, the girls start to focus on creating their own story about stereotypes.
  • They will decide to whom to tell the story to, so they can inspire others to avoid stereotyping.
  • Look to pages 54-55 in the Adult Guide for more information and details of what’s to come.