Meeting 10: Sow What?

Goal: Girls identify their project for the Harvest award. They also check in on their teamwork and discuss the importance of speaking up in healthy relationships.

Meeting 10:

Supplies and Resources

  • Sow What? Senior Girl Scout Journey Book
  • Copies of the Harvest Planner on pages 78-81
  • Pencils or pens

Meeting Outline

Opening Ceremony: Seeds of Wisdom

  • Invite the girls to share one “Seed of Wisdom” from their journey so far, and capture these on their team collage if they would like. Refer to page 73 of the adult guide for more information about this ceremony.


  • Check in with the girls about how they are feeling about their commitment from meeting four using page 73 of the adult guide.

Teamwork and Healthy Relationships

  • Take a few moments to discuss how the girls are feeling about their teamwork and their relationships. Refer to page 73 and 74 of the adult guide for questions you can ask the girls.

What Will We Harvest?

  • Assist the girls in brainstorming for their Harvest Project by using the questions on pages 74 and 75 of the adult guide. Use the Harvest Planner on pages 78-81 to help the girls record the details of their project.

Advocacy and Policy

  • Discuss the meaning of advocacy with the girls using the dialogue on page 75 of the adult guide.

So What about the Law?

  • Discuss the Girl Scout Law with the girls, and encourage them to think about how their Harvest Project relates to the Law.

Closing Ceremony: Planting Hope

  • End this meeting by inviting each girl to share her hopes for the Harvest Project. Use the questions on page 76 of the adult guide to help them think about their hopes.
  • Share the Guiding Principles for a Successful Harvest on page 77 of the adult guide, and encourage them to review page 88 of their book.

Plan It: Meeting Eleven

  • Invite the girls to choose how they would like to complete the activities in the next meeting, and what supplies they will need to complete these activities.