Meeting 10: MEdia

Meeting 10:

Purpose: Present each girls’ personal commitment to exploring media, celebrate the end of the journey.

Essential Questions:

• Why is it important for us to continue exploring media?

• What can I do to change the perceptions of media in my community?

Materials: Notebooks, notecards from previous session, posterboard, tape, snacks


• Each girl will present their idea to the unit. The girls will listen and add positive comments as they read.

• After they present their notecard, have them tape it onto the poster board so it will be displayed during the final celebration.

• Have a discussion using the wrap up questions before enjoying your snacks.

Wrap Up Questions:

• What did you learn about media through this journey?

• What are you most proud of that you did together on this journey?

• Why is it important to be aware of how media can affect you?