Meeting 1: MEdia

Meeting 1:  Purpose: To make girls aware of how media enters and affects their lives.

Essential Questions:

• What is media?

• What are ways that media enters our lives?

Materials: Notebook, Pen/Pencil


• Introduce the girls to the journey. The journey will be focused on their interests and desires and explore how media affects their lives and how they can tell their own stories using media tools.

• Poll the girls: “What is media?” Have them write their responses and share.

-After receiving responses, tell the girls that media refers to all the tools used to communicate with many people at one time (example: The announcements over the loudspeaker). Media can refer to new media (such as newspapers, TV, etc.) but it also in the brands you wears, the advertising you see, and in books and music. Write down definition on large poster so girls can copy it into their notebooks for reference during the journey.

• Have the girls create a pie chart that represents how much they use different forms of media.

• The girls will split into pairs to do a media scavenger hunt around camp. They will write what they found and where. Girls will receive stickers for the amount of media they can find and note. Both partners must write down the examples in their individual notebooks.

Girls will have 15 minutes.

• Counselors will examine the findings and award stickers to campers.

Wrap Up Questions:

• Were you surprised at how much media you found? Why or why not?

• Do you think it would be hard for someone to come to camp without any media?

• What did the examples of media you found tell you about the girls at camp?

• Why do you think that girls wear media or bring it to camp?