Meeting 1: aMaze!

Meeting 1:


Form a circle. Each girl takes a turn saying their name, grade and their favorite thing to do.

Opening :

• Ask, “Does anyone know anything about Girl Scouts?”

• Introduce Girl Scout Girl Scout Sign and Quiet  Sign

• Introduce Girl Scout Handshake

• Girl Scout Promise (“The Girl Scout Promise is the way Girl Scouts agree to act towards one another and other people.”)

• Girl Scout Law – The Girl Scout Law shows you all the good ways that Girl Scouts try to treat one another in the world.

Main Activity:

Ask the girls if that are in agreement that what we are doing will be meaningful, and will be kept in confidence. Explain that we all need to agree that we are going to feel safe expressing how we feel in this group. Ask girls to raise their hands in the Girl Scout sign, and if they agree, to say, “I agree.”

What’s in Your Maze (page 32 Leader guide) Working in groups, create a maze.

Have the girls talk and think about how their lives are like a maze. Write things down where there is a dead end in the maze using relationship issues (i.e. you have a fight with your friend,you don’t know who to sit with at lunch, someone hurt your feelings. Include relationships with adults, friends, teachers). In the unblocked roads of the maze, have girls write in the ways they overcame challenges (people, things).

Groups gather together and have each group present and explain their mazes.

Have girls create a slogan for their maze. Their slogan should start with, “Our lives are like a maze because…” and each group writes their slogan at the top of their maze.

“Beneath the Surface” game – (page 31 of leader book and page 20 of girl book).

Prep: Cover each written line on the beach ball with masking tape.

Have everyone form a circle and toss the ball to someone in the circle. Whoever catches the ball tears off a piece of tape and answers the question exposed. Keep tossing the ball to someone new until everyone who wants to answer a question has had the chance to answer.

For a large group, if all questions have been exposed, cover the questions again and keep the ball going.

Closing – Friendship Circle (briefly discuss the activities they did during this meeting, and give a hint of what they will be doing next week)


  • Cadette aMaze Leader Guide
  • Cadette aMaze book
  • Maze
  • Paper
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Beneath the Surface Sheet
  • “Beneath the Surface” Beach ball
  • Masking Tape