Leadership Qualities-Juniors

 #4 Leadership Qualities 




No matter why and how you choose to spend your time with Girl Scouts, your investment in time and energy will pay back tenfold. Little can compare to the satisfaction you’ll feel as you help girls grow in self-confidence, discover their genuine selves, connect with the people and community around them, and take action to make a difference in the world.

More information about the role and responsibilities of the volunteer leader can be found in the publication Volunteer Essentials.  This publication is given to new volunteers at the Welcome to Girl Scouts course and can also be found on the council web site.


Test your knowledge! Get a pencil/paper and write T for True OR F for False.

1. Leadership is knowing.

T or F

a. Leadership means being knowledgeable about everything the girls might ever want to learn.

T or F

b. Leadership means being responsible to take the leadership courses required by Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Council.

2. Leadership is teaching.

T or F

a. Leadership means being able to break down an activity into simple steps for the girls to learn.

T or F

b. Leadership means teaching the girls values and skills, but does not require that you model them.
3. Leadership is coaching.

T or F

a. Leadership is doing. As a leader of Girl Scout Daisies, you do all of the work and planning and the girls participate in what you’ve planned.

T or F

b. Leadership is allowing the girls to make decisions whenever possible, guiding and advising them along the way.
4. Leadership is belonging.

T or F

a. Leadership means being able to talk to a captive audience.

T or F

b. Leadership means listening and encouraging the girls in their pursuits.

Girls expect the following from you: acceptance, fairness, a sense of humor, and trust.

5. What does a leader do?

Get your pencil and paper and unscramble the letters to find out.

A leader ______________________. (spain)

A leader ______________________. (rogsanzie)

A leader ______________________. (vattiomes)

A leader ______________________. (stanrodocie)

A leader ______________________. (eswervi)

6. What is a leader responsible for?

On paper write the number of the answer that you think is a leader’s responsibility.
1. Creating a caring environment where all girls feel welcome.
2. Funding the money necessary for supplies.
3. Creating a noncompetitive atmosphere.
4. Role-modeling attitudes and actions then ensure trust.
5. Ensuring the health and safety of the girls at all times.
6. Providing transportation to and from meetings.
7. Creating the rules and consequences.
8. Providing engaging activities that interest the girls.
9. Explaining the importance of following rules to ensure safety.
10. Clearly dividing up responsibilities among other adults.
11. Making final decisions when necessary.
12. Mediating in order to resolve a conflict.
13. Preparing snacks for each meeting.
14. Having fun with the girls.

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