Kenton County Girls Host an International Adventure!

Nearly 140 girls toured 12 countries in less than two hours on Feb. 21, and they didn’t even have to get on a plane.


They just had to go to St. Agnes Church, where a dozen Girl Scout troops from Fort Mitchell, Fort Wright and Park Hills had an informative and tasty International Night.

“It’s to celebrate World Thinking Day, Feb. 22 each year, when we’re challenged to think beyond our immediate, everyday world and learn about how girls in other lands live their lives,” said Amy Cribbs, leader for Daisy Troop 1707 at St. Agnes.

Cribbs also coordinated the event along with other local troop leaders, and hopes the event was the “first of many.”Brazil, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland were represented at the event, where girls dressed in costumes and shared information and foods from their different countries, along with hot dogs donated by Skyline Chili of Fort Wright.

Cribbs’ Troop 1707 sang “Shabbat Shalom” during their Israel presentation, and wore masks in honor of the Jewish holiday Purim.

In Brazil, the girls of Troop 2112 dressed for Carnivale, and shared orange slices sprinkled with salt and pepper.

“We had a sleepover and the girls tested different foods,” said Shelly Sandfoss, troop co-leader. “Hands down, they thought the oranges were out of sight.”

St. Agnes Junior Troop 436 taught about Egypt by sharing bookmarks written with hieroglyphs that spelled out “Read a Book.”

The foods were probably the girls’ favorite part.

In England, they got to try shepherd’s pie, sushi in Japan, salsa in Mexico and Spanish rice in Spain. Italy had pasta salad as well as gelato.“That is my favorite,” said Parker Cribbs, 6, of St. Agnes Daisy Troop 1707.

After learning about each county, the girls got their passports stamped with a special sticker.