Junior Investiture Ceremony

 #13 Junior Investiture Ceremony




An investiture ceremony symbolizes the beginning of Girl Scouting.  At this ceremony, families are invited to observe girls pledge the Girl Scout Promise and receive their Girl Scout pin.  A Girl Scout Junior often wears her uniform for the first time at the investiture ceremony.  The Girl Scout tradition is for the Girl Scout pin to be pinned upside down during the ceremony.  Before the girl can wear the pin right side up, she has to do a good deed.  Many times when you get to the Junior grade level many girls have been Girl Scouts before and have already gone through the investiture ceremony.  When this is the case, you will allow those girls to participate in the ceremony by rededicating themselves to Girl Scouts.  Here is a sample investiture-rededication ceremony.  But remember you and the girls can plan your ceremony any way you want!  You can go on the internet and find lots of ideas to make your ceremony special.

Sample Junior Investiture Ceremony

Lighted Candles

Scene: A table, with 13-candle board/log on it; flanked by American and GSUSA flag.

1st Speaker: " Tonight we are here in to invest those who have joined Girl Scouts for the first time this year. We are also here to rededicate each member, new and old, to the Girl Scout Promise and Law. You should all understand that these are the ideals by which Girls Scouts try to live, and through which we, as leaders, help girls to gain worthy citizenship." [a large candle is lighted, house lights are dimmed].

2nd Speaker: " Before you, you see a golden flame The flame symbolizes a Girl Scout's honor, which must never be dimmed. When a Girl Scout makes a promise, she is placing her honor, the brightest thing in her life, before her fellow Girl Scouts, her leaders, her parents, and her friends. Girls should understand that giving the Girl Scout Promise on one's honor is a serious thing. "

3rd Speaker: "From this golden flame we light the flame of duty to God and country. "[light small candle and say:]
ON MY HONOR I WILL TRY: to serve God and my country

4th Speaker: "We light the flame of duty to people." [light second small candle and say:]
ON MY HONOR I WILL TRY: to help people at all times

5th Speaker: "We light the flame of duty to self." [light third small candle and say;]
ON MY HONOR I WILL TRY: to live by the Girl Scout Law

6th Speaker: "We now bring to light the flames of the Girl Scout Law, which make bright and clear the trail that leads from girlhood to womanhood. Let us all stand and repeat together the Girl Scout Law."
Pause until all stand; then 10 more candles are lighted as the ten parts of the law are said.

7th Speaker: "These burning candles represent the points of the law and promise and how they brighten the life of the Girl Scout who observes them. When through practice they become a part of our daily lives, they also brighten the lives of all whom we come in contact."

8th Speaker: "We can too easily forget that the Girl Scout Promise is a serious pledge. We must guard against repeating the Promise and the Law in a parrot-like manner, as though the words were meaningless. "
[Ceremony continues with house lights turned on. Each member present (who wishes to) is invited to say a few words about what being a Girl Scouting has meant to her.]
[Song, "On My Honor", is sung.]

9th Speaker: "Sisters, we are fortunate to be members of the greatest organization of women and girls: the World Association of Girls Scouts and Girl Guides. It is a privilege to wear the emblems of Girl Scouting. The whole world admires and respects us."
[Participants stand while leader puts pins on each one]

Closing: "With our ceremony ended, we now put out these candles. But we do so with the certain knowledge that we carry the flame of Girl Scouting eternally with us, in our hearts."

Do a rededication ceremony ONLY if all your girls are returning and there are no girls new to Girl Scouts:

Junior Rededication Ceremony

Opening: Friendship Circle

Leader: We gather here today to join hearts and hands in the spirit of friendship. We welcome our new Girl Scouts & rededicate those girls who have been with us in years past.

New Girl 1: I bring to the log a candle of green. The color symbolizes the riches I find in the values and lessons of Girl Scouting. (Insert candle into middle hole)

New Girl 2: I bring to the log a candle of royal blue. The color royal blue symbolizes the admiration that I have for myself and for my fellow Girl Scouts across the world. (Insert blue candle next to green)

New Girl 3: I bring to the log a candle of white. The color white symbolizes the honesty that I will practice toward others and Girl Scouts around the world. (Insert white candle on other side of green candle)

New Girl 4: I bring to the log a candle of silver. The color silver represents all girls new to Girl Scouting. May we all become true friends. (Insert silver candle next to white candle)

New Girl 5: I bring to the log a candle of gold. This gold candle represents all members of this troop that have been down the Girl Scout road of adventure for many years together. May we all continue down the same path for years to come. (Insert gold candle next to blue candle)

Leader(s): We now intertwine the candles, holding them together with a rope of leadership. Under my (our) guidance, may these girls continue on the path of kindness towards each other and all Girl Scouts around the world. (Weave rope between the candles)

All: Recite the Girl Scout Promise

Closing: Friendship circle, & sing “Make New Friends”  

Here are the insignia and awards your girls should receive during the investiture ceremony:

Girl Scout Pin

World Trefoil Pin