It's Your World, Change It!- Your Voice, Your World

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It's Your World, Change It!- Your Voice, Your World

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Session by Session Meeting Guide

Session 1: The Power of Advocacy- Introduction, Find Your Cause

Meeting 1

Meeting 2

Session 2: The Power of Advocacy- Community Needs and Personal Causes

Meeting 3: In this meeting girls will “Take 5” and have an “Ambassador Affair”- Everyone brings a dish or a snack and just talk about what you all have not had time for or just reflect on some girl talk and school. (Dish Ideas on page 24 of the girls’ book).

Meeting 4

Meeting 5

Session 3: The Power of Advocacy- Turning on an Issue

Meeting 6:  In this meeting take the girls on a field trip to visit the local city hall. More details can be found under “Roadside Attractions” on page 13 of the Girl Scout Ambassador Adult Guide.

Meeting 7

Meeting 8

Session 9

Meeting 10

Meeting 11

Session 5: The Power of Advocacy- Reporting Back on Partners and Possible VIP's, and Planning the Perfect Pitch

Meeting 12

Meeting 13

Session 6: The Power of Advocacy- Closing the Loop

Meeting 14

Session 7: The Power of Advocacy- Reflect, Reward, Celebrate

Meeting 15