It's Your World Change It!-Girltopia

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It's Your World Change It!-Girltopia: A Leadership Journey for Senior Girl Scouts!

Printable Meeting Guide 

Session by Session Meeting Guide

 Session 1: GIRLtopia- What's It All About?

Meeting 1

Meeting 2

Session 2: GIRLtopia- What's On Girls' Minds?

Meeting 3

Meeting 4

Session 3: GIRLtopia- How's Our Community Doing for Girls?

Meeting 5- Use this meeting for a planned outing.

Meeting 6- Have someone from a local girls youth group outside of Girl Scouts come out and talk to the girls about what they do and what resources are available and how they can help if applicable.

Meeting 7

Session 4: GIRLtopia- Choosing to Take Action

Meeting 8

Meeting 9

Session 5: GIRLtopia- What Would You Do?

Meeting 10

Meeting 11:  Use this meeting to do a “Movie Night” type outing watching a movie relevant to ethics and taking action in a community. (i.e. Erin Brockovich)

Session 6: GIRLtopia- What Do Leaders Sound Like?

Meeting 12

Session 7: GIRLtopia- How Will We Lead the Way?

Meeting 13

Session 8: GIRLtopia- Do I Inspire You?

Meeting 14