It's Your Story, Tell It!- Mission Sisterhood

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It's Your Story, Tell It!- Mission Sisterhood: Two-night Overnight Girl Scout Journey Program

Printable Meeting Guide 

3-Day Agenda Below:

Leaders/Volunteers will bring:

  • Adult Guide
  • Large paper sheet for a mural
  • Markers, pens
  • Scissors
  • Movie with a sisterhood/ friendship theme and a means to show it to group, i.e Sisterhood of the Traveling pants, etc.
  • People Scavenger Hunt sheets
  •  Music

Girl Participants will bring:

  • Mission Sisterhood Girl’s Journey Book-Each girl will need the Journey before the weekend and should read through it before attending. Chapter 2 contains activities of self-reflection, best done during the reading.
  • Symbol of friendship for other participants.  See examples on page 33 of adult guide
  • Illustration of sisterhood, i.e. pictures, symbols, artwork

Schedule of Activities

Time/Activity/Supplies Needed

Day 1

Prior to 6 pm Girls arrive and settle in

  • 6 pm- 6:30 pm Girls gather for a briefing on schedule and program objectives. Explain that this is a “working weekend” to accomplish a goal on the road to the Gold Award. Note: If girls have brought a bag dinner, thiswould be a good time for them to eat.
  • Schedule for each girl

6:30 pm- 7:45 pm     Icebreaker Activity


Human Knot

  • Standing in a circle, group members reach across and shake hands - use hand connecting to a different person. The group then tries to unravel the "human knot" by unthreading their bodies without letting go of each other people's hands.

People Scavenger Hunt

• Scavenger hunt question sheets

Find people with different traits, experiences, hobbies to fill a preset list.

8 pm- 9:30 pm            Exploring Friendship Activities

  • Work through the following activities from the adult guide.
  • Moving into Your Social Style, page 37
  • Putting a Value on Friendship, page 38-39

In small groups, girls will complete the activities on pages 16-17 of their Journey.

• Symbols of friendship from girls

• Index cards

• Pens/tape

9:30 pm- 10:30 pm Movie Time

Instruct girls to take note of the different levels of friendship on page 12-13 of the Journey. Keep a tally of the examples of these different types for a discussion later.

• Friendship movie

• Movie snack

10:30 pm- 11 pm         Girls will share their tallies of the types of friendship that they observed.  See page 45 of advisor guide for discussion prompts.

11 pm- 12 am Settle into bed

12 am                  Lights out/quiet time

Day 2

8 am   Wake Up! Get dressed. Allow the girls 8 hours for sleeping.

8:45- 9:45 am     Breakfast

Discussion topic:

  • What are the issues that face girls and women today? If possible, invite a speaker to discuss their career that deals with a female issue.

10 am- 11 am         Explore the idea of a “circle journal” (see page 64 of your Journey.)

  • How could you implement this in your life? Consider beginning circle journals with the other girls that you are taking this Journey with.

11 am- 12 pm Further or Fizzle: Friendship Role Play (pg. 46 leader guide)

  • Break into groups and prepare your role play

12 pm- 1 pm    Lunch

  • Discussion topic: How can we strengthen our friendships with greater tolerance for our Differences? Girls at each table can share stories of unlikely friendships or how tolerance played a part in their friendships.

1 pm- 2 pm                      Perform your role playing activity for large group. Discuss

2 pm- 3 pm                     Exploring Sisterhood

  • See page 29- 31 of leader guide for instruction.
  • Instruct girls to add their contributions to the Visual Smorgasbord and share a brief explanation of why they chose the item.This also would be a good time for a snack.


  • Large mural size sheet of paper
  • Markers, glue sticks, tape
  • Sisterhood illustrations

3 pm- 5 pm    Take a break.

  • Recharge your batteries or use this time for any unfinished work.
  • Or, take a walk and listen to the messages you send yourself.
    • Are they positive or do they need work?

5 pm – 6 pm   Dinner

6:30 pm- 8:30 pm    Fun and Games with a Purpose

1.       Play Modern Game of Telephone  (page 57 of leader guide)

2.      Play Body Language Charades (page 58 of leader guide)

3.      Play Laughter Parade (page 60 of leader guide)

4.      How long is a Conga Line? (page 67 leader guide)

  • Girls can break out their cell phones for this one
  • Strips of paper
  • Music for conga line
  • Healthy snacks

9 pm- 11 pm   Split girls into small groups for skits.

  • Each group will act out an unhealthy and healthy sisterhood example for the rest of the group.
    • Consider topics such as gossip, tolerance, communication issues.
  • If there is time left, play Speed Dating
    • Pair girls off and set a time.
    • They have a set amount of time to talk to their partner about what they are going to do to improve their friendships.
    • When buzzer goes off, the girls need to find a new person to talk to.
      • Continue as time allows.

11pm -12 am   Quiet time. Settle into bed

12 am                  Lights out! Go to Sleep! You’re tired! You’ve been very busy!

Day 3

7 am- 7:45 am              Wake up and pack up.  Get dressed.

8 am- 8:45 am             Breakfast

9 am -11 am    Presentation of Sisterhood Project


o   Break girls into groups and assign each one of the four examples from the Journey.

o   Girls will learn about the topic area, project example and then present it to the larger group in their own words.

o   Challenge them to relate the example to what they might do with this type of a project.

11 am- 11:30 am           Present “What Makes a Good Sisterhood Project.(pages 42-43)

11:30 am- 12 pm          Brainstorming project ideas in small groups

12 pm                  Go home with all that you have