It's Your Story, Tell It!-aMuse

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It’s Your Story, Tell it- aMUSE

In aMUSE, Juniors gain an understanding of just how limitless their potential can be as they combine storytelling with the many roles, real and creative, that the world has to offer. Girls will have fun trying on roles and learning about people and the power of real life action and leadership.

  • Reach Out-Girls understand the many roles women and girls play in the world around them and the leadership skills used by to play them. They keep a Casting Call Log and do an interview or a panel discussion.
  • Speak Up!-Girls become aware of how stereotypes could hold themselves and others back from trying on roles, and they Take Action to help stop stereotypes. They complete 3 Speak Out! activities, and team up to choose a stereotype and create and tell a story to help stop it.
  • Try Out-girls have the courage and confidence to try out new roles. They keep a Role Call Log and choose and complete 2 other Try Out! activities listed in the Journey. 

Printable Meeting Guide 

Session by Session Meeting Guide

Session 1: Casting Call!

Meeting 1

Meeting 2

Meeting 3

Session 2: Girls Can Be Anything!

Meeting 4

Meeting 5

Meeting 6

Session 3: Callbacks

Meeting 7

Meeting 8

Session 4: Tell Us Your Story

Meeting 9

Meeting 10

Meeting 11

Session 5: A Gathering of Story-Tellers

Meeting 12

Meeting 13

Meeting 14

Session 6 &7: Our Muse, Your Project

Meeting 15

Meeting 16

Meeting 17

Session 8: Showtime!

Meeting 18

Session 9: Who I Am Now

Meeting 19

Meeting 20

Meeting 21

Session 10: Who I Might Be

Meeting 22

Meeting 23

Meeting 24