It's Your Planet, Love It!- Sow What?

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It's Your Planet, Love It!- Sow What?: A Leadership Journey for Senior Girl Scouts

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Session by Session Meeting Guide

Session 1: So What About Sow What?

Meeting 1

Meeting 2

Session 2: Sow What? Foraging for Food

Meeting 3

Session 3: Sow What? What Make a Meal Really Happy?

Meeting 4

Session 4: Sow What? Dig Deeper

Meeting 5

Meeting 6

Session 5: Sow What? Global Outlook

Meeting 7

Meeting 8

Meeting 9: Use this meeting to complete any of the remaining optional activities in the adult guide.

Session 6: Sow What? Planning to Harvest

Meeting 10

Session 7 & 8: Sow What? Harvest Time!

Meeting 11

Meeting 12: The Harvest Project can be completed during a meeting or on the girls’ own time, it may also take multiple days to complete. Refer to pages 83 and 84 of the adult guide for tips you can use to coach the Seniors on their Harvest Project.

Sow What? Reap What You Sow!

Meeting 13

Meeting 14