How to Fundraise

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10 Easy Ways to Raise $100 Dollars

1.      Donate $10 yourself and ask 9 of your friends or family to donate $10 each.

2.      Ask 20 of your friends to donate only $5 each.

3.     Send a letter to family and friends explaining the 2013 Thin Mint Sprint and ask for a donation. Always ask for more than you expect. For example, if you want $25, ask for $50. Be sure to include a due date to send a donation.

4.      Walk around your neighborhood and knock on doors asking your neighbors to support you in the race. (Try leaving a letter that explains the 2013 Thin Mint Sprint and what you’re trying to accomplish. Ask them to decide whether to support you after they’ve read the letter. Wait a day or two, then go back and ask for the donation.)

5.       Pair with another team and compete against each other to see which team can raise the most money.

6.      Get rid of some of the clutter in your house and have a yard sale. If you’re on a team, collect gently used items from group members to be sold at a team yard sale.

7.      Challenge your family and yourself to set aside single dollar bills each week.

8.      Get permission to have a jeans day/casual day and encourage your classmates/co-workers to make a gift of at least $5 in exchange for wearing jeans or dressing casually.

9.      Ask friends and family for their support via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Everyone has been touched by bullying in one way or another. Give them a chance to support your fundraising efforts.

10.    Coordinate group members from your team to wash cars in a high traffic location for donations. If you are not on a team try to partner up with other individual fundraiser’s and split the total profits made from your joint car wash.