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Kentucky's 20/20 Vision for Reforestation

There are millions of acres in Kentucky on both public and private lands in need of reforestation. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can contribute to improving the environment through the 20/20 Vision project.  The goal is to plant 1 million seedlings each year for 20 years. The hope is that with this effort tons of carbon can be naturally sequestered from the environment.

Prime tree planting weather is from March 1 – April 30.  Several large tree planting events will be planned in 2015 and held throughout the council.  Troops and Service Units are welcome to plan their own community tree planting events at schools, churches, local businesses and parks.  The Kentucky State Forest Department will ship seedlings directly to you.  The Forest Department is currently working on a short educational video to teach Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts the correct way to plant a bare root seedling. 

After the tree planting event troop leaders may request the free 20/20 Vision for Reforestation patch and Girl Scouts receive a year “rocker” for each subsequent year that troops plant trees.

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Green Dot for Girl Scouts

The Green Dot Program is an anti-bullying, violence prevention program created by Dr. Dorothy Edwards. The Green Dot violence Prevention Strategy was initially developed in a college setting.  Dorothy Edwards  developed it here at UK and served for five years as the founding Director of the Violence Intervention and Prevention Center  at the University of Kentucky.  From there Dr Edwards adapted the program for high school students and then for middle school students. 

The Green Dot program’s goal is to help Girl Scouts learn how to safely spot and identify a bully;  and how to help another child who is being bullied.  Girls learn to be active role models for healthy relationships and create an environment where Girl Scouts do not accept bullying, teasing and aggression as the norm but they become active participants in prevention.

Click Here to learn how your girls can become Green Dot Girl Scouts today! 

If you are trained adult, find your program resources by clicking here!

Shop and Share – March 28, 2015

As part of Girl Scout’s historic collaboration with the Kentucky  Domestic Violence Association, Girl Scouts are helping First Lady, Jane Beshear collect much needed items for the spouse abuse shelters in our council area.  
Troops sign up to volunteer to manage a booth on February 1 for two hours at a Kroger store or Food City in Eastern Kentucky.   Each spouse abuse center has a list of needed items that you will be able to give to customers coming in the store.  The costumer drops off the item to you after it is purchased.  Other volunteers pick up the donations at the end of the day.  Kroger has  furnished a free patch to all participating Girl Scouts.
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Go Red For Girls, Heart Healthy Patch

KentuckyOne Health and the American Heart Association have partnered with The Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Council to educate young girls in central and eastern Kentucky about their hearts and how to keep them healthy. The goal of the Go Red Girl Scout Patch program is to raise awareness of heart disease and the risks that it poses for women. By encouraging healthy heart habits early in life, we hope to help girls begin a lifetime of healthy living.

If you are from Boone, Kenton or Campbell County please click HERE.

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