Girl Scout Daisy Law Activities

#16 Daisy Awards (continued)




To help you get familiar with possible activities that can help your Daisies earn their Learning Petals try this activity! Match each petal with the learning activity that corresponds with it.

Petals Learning Activity
__Honest and Fair A. Draw pictures of people in their community who use their authority to help others.
__Friendly & Helpful B. Make and send get-well cards to troop members who are ill.
__Considerate & Caring C. Role-play being helpful.
__Courageous & Strong D. Brainstorm “helping” words and “hurting” words. Ask which they would rather speak or hear from others.
__Responsible for what I say or do E. Get into the habit of reusing drinking cups. Explain how this can be a savings to the troop.
__Respect myself & others F. Bring in apples for the girls to divide evenly among themselves.
__Respect Authority GDiscuss shaking hands, not interrupting, and other ways respect in shown in our society.
__Use resources wisely H. Exchange “sister Girl Scout” cards with another troop in your community.
__ Make the World a Better Place I. Recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans.
__ Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout J. List activities girls have never done but would like to do. Vote on one to carry out.

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