Girl Scout Alumnae, Rosemary Carter, at Our Cabana!

We are exposed to people and cultures through a variety of media today, but it still remains that it is our actually experiencing a new place and people that we dispel the stereotypes  we think of as facts, and that everyone lives as we do.
In a recent trip to Our Cabana, Mexico we met beautiful, loving, friendly, joyful, industrious people. We stayed where there was no need for heat or air conditioning. We saw a country of old history, seen through different eyes then we teach.  We traveled by bus in greater comfort than available here, and saw hundreds of these buses at one bus terminal.  We learned that while an airport looks similar, checking in and waiting areas have different procedures. We learned that English is not always a universal language.
This trip with fellow GS/GG ladies was the most rewarding I have ever taken. The service project, which I was told by my daughter, Katie, from her own adventure there in 2000, was the high-light of the trip. True enough, because we received, experienced, and saw greater than we gave the women whom we visited.
The thirteen year old Katie came home with a greater understanding that we are all sisters, and that we all want to be loved, to laugh, and to play, even though other countries have different ways of speaking, cooking, shopping, transportation, or education.
Soon after her trip we had an exchange student from Mexico, and I realize now, after my trip, that Katie had a far greater understanding of who Martha was and where she came from then, the rest of the family.
So do not depend on the media to see our sister scouts/guides, visit and experience who they are.