Girl-Adult Partnership-Juniors

#5 Girl-Adult Partners




One of the aspects of Girl Scouting that makes it unique is that it is a girl-led program.  This means that both adults AND girls work in partnership to plan and execute activities and program.  Always take notice that the Girl Scouts’ physical capabilities and emotional development will affect troop dynamics and the level of their planning skills.

Keep the following in mind when planning activities for GIRL SCOUT JUNIORS:

  • The key to success with Girl Scout Juniors is not to plan for them, but to include them in the planning process.
  • Your goal as the leader is to challenge them to take on ever more responsibility for themselves and their troop.
  • Letting girls make suggestions, debate the pros and cons, and reach decisions is an important part of growing up.
  • Actually planning the steps to carry out their decisions and evaluating it afterward, is the way to create tomorrow’s leaders.

View your Role Below (Highlighted in Green):

Daisy –leader acts more like a Director

Brownie–leader acts more like a Manager

Junior – leader acts more like a Teacher

Cadette – leader serves as an Advisor

Senior-leader serves as an Advisor

Ambassador-leader serves as an Advisor


Try this activity to help you focus more on girl/adult planning.  Read the scenario and then determine which activities can be girl-led:

Scenario:  Your troop suggested several activities, but narrowed the choice down to having a slumber party next month at your co-leader’s house.  You asked the girls to make a list of everything that has to be done to make the slumber party happen. Below is the list that they (with some input from leaders) came up with.  Put a “G” beside the items the girls can do and an “L” beside the ones that should be carried out by the leader.


___ Plan what each girl should bring                      ____ Collect signed permission forms

___ Plan what to take to eat                                   ___ Review Safety-Wise

___ Help shop for food                                           ___ Discuss how to behave                   

___ Plan how to decorate the pumpkins                 ___Find adults to chaperones

___ Help clean-up after picnic                                ___ Serve as chaperones

___ Create permission forms                                  ___ Write thank-you notes

___ Schedule with the farm the trip

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