Girl-Adult Partners

 #5 Girl-Adult Partners




One of the aspects of Girl Scouting that makes it unique is that it is a girl-led program. This means that both adults AND girls work in partnership to plan and execute activities. Always take notice that the Girl Scouts’ physical capabilities and emotional development will affect troop dynamics and the level of their planning skills.

Keep the following in mind when planning activities for GIRL SCOUT DAISIES:

  • Girls are almost completely dependent upon their adult leader for suggestions, encouragement, and direction.
  • Planning is new for girls at this age. Their ability to “plan” is usually making a choice between options.
  • Most girls expect adult control.
  • Leader assumes almost full responsibility for planning.

Girl Scout Daisies can create and lead games, co-facilitate Daisy Circle time, bring snacks and draft their own calendar for the next year of activities. The Girl Scout program is built on “progression”. As girls increase their confidence and skills, they 

can carry out activities that require more planning, take place further away from home, and utilize special skills and endurance.

During the first year of Daisy Girl Scouting, girls may only be able to tell you what they want to do from a list of choices you have given them. By the end of the second Daisy year, girls will be able to come up with ideas of their own and help run those activities during the troop meeting.

View your Role Below (Highlighted in Green):

Daisy –leader acts more like a Director

Brownie–leader acts more like a Manager

Junior – leader acts more like a Teacher

Cadette – leader serves as an Advisor

Senior-leader serves as an Advisor

Ambassador-leader serves as an Advisor