Get Moving: Meetings 9-10

Meetings 9 and 10: Innovate!

Goal: The girls plan and carry out their Innovate project, taking action to create changes in energy use on Earth and educating and inspiring others along the way.

Supplies and Resources

  1. Any materials the girls need to plan their Innovate project
  2. Any materials needed to make invitations for their guests

Opening Ceremony

  • Invite the girls to choose a ceremony to open the day’s meeting, see pages 88 and 89 of the adult guide for ceremony suggestions.

Teamwork and Conflicts

  • Discuss the meaning of team work, and use the suggestions on page 89 of the adult guide to talk about conflict with the girls.
    • If time allows, invite the girls to play-act scenarios to use some of the conflict resolution methods found on page 89.

Innovate Project

  • Use this time to finalize any plans and work on any materials needed to carry out the Innovate project.