Get Moving: Meetings 5-6

Meetings 5 and 6: The Energy Audit

Goal: The Juniors conduct an energy audit of a community building in order to educate and inspire on the importance of energy efficiency.

Supplies and Resources

  1. Recurring Standard Supplies
  2. Copies of pages 62-75 of the adult guide for each girl
  3. Copies of pages 66 and 67of the adult guide for each girl
  4. A ball of yarn

Opening Ceremony

  • Discuss the building audit with the girls and what kinds of questions they might like to ask.

The Energy Audit

  • See pages 57-61 for information about this activity and tips for planning the energy audit for your troop or group.
  • Discuss the energy audit and what the Juniors will do, as well as invite them to help plan the outing.

Communication Maze

  • In pairs the girls will complete the communication mazes on pages 66 and 67 of the adult guide. See page 62 of the adult guide for questions you can ask to encourage the girls to think more about communicating.

Closing Ceremony: The Web of Life

  • Ask the girls what they know about the food chain and give them a brief overview of what the food chain is and how inhabitants of an ecosystem depend on one another.

Get Moving

  •  Assign one organism to each girl, making sure to designate one girl as the sun and one as water. Invite the girls to form a circle, without any particular order, and choose one girl to stand in the center and give that girl the ball of yarn. Each girl will name the organism they are and name an organism they depend on for survival, see the handout for examples. The girl then tosses the ball of yarn to the girl with the organism they depend on, while holding a piece of the yarn. Once the yarn comes to water or the sun, that girl will pass it on to an organism she supports. It is okay if a student gets the ball of yarn more than once, the goal is to have a large web that is interconnected among organisms.
  • Once each girl has at least one piece of yarn, you will state a man made change to the environment, such as global warming or deforestation. Any organism affected by this change will drop their string, and any organism dependent on one of the affected organisms will also drop their yarn.
  • Discuss what the girls learned about how entire ecosystems can be affected by what may seem like a small change.