Get Moving: Meeting 8

Meeting 8: Moving in New Directions

Goal: The girls explore the energy spent and saved in getting from here to there as they continue to move toward a team decision on an Innovate project.

Supplies and Resources

  1. Recurring supplies
  2. Copies of pages 86-87, one for each girl or group of girls
  3. Copy of page 83, 90, and 91 of the adult guide

Opening Ceremony

  • The girls will discuss the stars and constellations in a circle


  • The team will determine the bikeability or walkability of a previously chosen route.
    • Before everyone splits up, discuss safety and suggest the girls choose two person teams to conduct the survey.

Closing Ceremony

  • Each girl will share their wish for the team’s Innovate project and one way they can help make that wish come true.