Get Moving: Meeting 7

Meeting 7: Gearing Up to Go

Goal: The girls brainstorm for their Innovate project.

  1. Supplies and Resources
  2. Recurring supplies (see page eight of this guide)
  3. Light with a bright bulb (for silhouette activity)
  4. White paper, black paper
  5. Scissors, glue
  6. Portable stereo (use smartphone if music is available)

Opening Ceremony: Risk and Impact

  • Invite the girls to look over page 107 of their books, and fill it out. If they have completed the requirements, they can earn their Investigate awards. Use the questions on pages 77 and 78 to help the girls think about and discuss what they have learned so far.

Light bulbs!

  • Discuss what being innovative means, make sure the girls understand the meaning of the word, then use the light bulbs to help the girls think about their innovate project

Old Fashioned Silhouettes

  •  Discuss what a silhouette is and help the girls create silhouettes of each other.

How to Conduct an Interview

  • Go over the sheet found on page 81 of the adult guide to help the girls prepare to interview any energy experts you may have joining your group for a later meeting.