Get Moving: Meeting 3

Meeting 3: Get Wild about Energy (and How to Conserve It)

Goal: Girls investigate how animals use energy according to their needs and consider what humans might learn from them. They also compare and contrast animal and human communication strategies.

Supplies and Resources:

  1. Recurring standard supplies

Opening Ceremony

  • Invite the girls to form a circle and share one hope for their outing today.

Observing Animals in their Natural Setting

  • This meeting focuses on observing animals in their natural setting.
  • If it is not possible to go on a field trip, bring videos of animals in nature for the girls to watch and discuss in the following activities.

Animals, Energy, and Movement

  • Guide the girls in a discussion about what they have observed using the questions on pages 45 and 46 of the adult guide.

Relate and Communicate

  • Encourage the girls to think about how animals get along and discuss what they noticed during their observations.

Clean Up! Closing Ceremony

  • In a circle, invite the girls to revisit their Energy Pledges using the questions on page 47 of the adult guide.