Get Moving: Meeting 2

Meeting 2: Pledging to Save Energy

Goal: The Juniors commit to an energy pledge, take a look at how plants use energy, and sort through some of the wasted energy around them.

Supplies and Resources:

  1. Extra packaging
  2. Any items you will need to demonstrate
  3. Furoshiki
  4. Healthy snacks

Opening Ceremony: Good for Us, Good for the Planet

  • The girls will decide on their personal Energy Pledge and write it on the poster board to create a collage of pledges. See page 39 of the adult guide for more information about this ceremony.

How About a Team Energy Pledge

  • Invite the girls to make a Team Energy Pledge. Refer to page 40 of the adult guide for questions you can use to get their ideas flowing.

The Packaging Puzzle

  • n The girls will sit in a circle and share the packaging items they brought from home and the group will have three chances to guess what product came in the packaging. See page 40 of the adult guide for more information about this activity.

Recycled Wraps: The Fun of Furoshiki

  • Discuss the custom of carrying items in Furoshiki and its low impact on the environment. You might even make a Furoshiki to bring to the meeting and demonstrate some of the ways it can be used to carry various items

Supplies and Resources:

  1. 2 or 3 house plants
  2. Paper bags Paper from magazines or wrapping paper
  3. Rulers, scissors, glue, thread or other type of string for beads
  4. Healthy snacks

Plants, Light, and Energy: An Ongoing Experiment

  • The girls will learn about plants and what they need to survive over the next few weeks. See page 41 of the adult guide for activity instructions.

Beads of Recycled Paper

  • The girls will create beads from triangles of paper from magazines and other sources. You might also bring other types of beads the girls can combine with their paper beads to make a colorful necklace. See the instructions on pages 41 and 42 of the adult guide for this activity.

 How Leaders Energize

  • Use the questions on pages 42 and 43 to help the girls revisit their Energy Pledges and discuss how teamwork and leadership can impact the environment.

Closing Ceremony: Waste No More!

  • Invite the girls to look at the stories on pages 41-42 of their books and start a discussion using the prompts on page 43 of the adult guide.