Get Moving: Meeting 1

Meeting 1: Start Your Engines

Goal: Juniors begin to experience the various forms of energy and how they can make the most of their own energy to conserve Earth’s energy.

Supplies and Resources:

  1. Recurring supplies
  2. Poster board or chalk board for closing ceremony

Opening Ceremony: Energy is Everywhere

  • Introduce the theme of this Journey by using the activity prompts on page 33 of the adult guide. “It” and “Other” Cans and Clean Up

Awards throughout the Journey

  • Show the girls the awards they will be earning throughout the Journey, and briefly explain what each award represents. Invite them to look at page 7 and pages 106-109 of their book for more information. See page 34 of the adult guide for explanation suggestions.

 Energizing Guests

  • Discuss any guests your group may want to invite along the Journey. They could be friends and family they would like to celebrate the completion of this Journey with, or special guest speakers who can share their knowledge about energy.

Closing Ceremony: Personal Energy

  • Follow the prompts on page 37 of the adult guide for this ceremony.

Supplies and Resources

  1. Supplies for “Making Recycled Paper” activity, see page 35 of the adult guide
  2. Healthy snacks

Making Recycled Paper

  • The girls will make recycled paper that they can use for some of their future Journey activities. See the instructions for this activity on page 35 of the adult guide.