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Take a swim, hike, sing, zipline or rappel - come see for yourself that camping is so much more than just s’mores!


new-badge_64 New this year! We are launching an all new Summer Sleep-away camp format this year, to include more 3 day sessions that are open to all age levels and adding adult training opportunities!




Day Camps


Clark County Day Camp - Director, Rebecca Miracle


Ken-O-Valley Day Camp - Director, Bobbi Talbert



Camp properties are open to troops, groups, service unit encampments and council events from Spring through Fall, except Camp Judy Layne & Camp Shawano, where resident and day camps operate during June and July.

At least one adult who has completed the applicable level(s) of camp training must accompany the troop or group, as well as an adult with current First Aid Certification.

For multi-troop encampments or council events there must be at least two adults with applicable training.  The adult responsible for the camping event is responsible for providing the adults with applicable camp training.

Reservations must be made 2 weeks prior to camping trip.

Cancellation and refunds will only be given for natural weather related hazards, sickness or death in the family or a two week in advance notice.