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Impact Areas


The Girl Scout cookie program serves a much larger purpose as an entrepreneurial and financial literacy program for girls.Through the Girl Scout Cookie Sale, Girl Scouts learn 5 essential business skills: goal-setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. And when a Girl Scout learns these skills, she’ll be poised for success in any career. Nearly 10,000 Girl Scouts in central, eastern and northern Kentucky benefit annually from the Girl Scout entrepreneurial and financial literacy program.



Girl Scouts is building the next generation of social entrepreneurs. By earning the Gold Award, Girl Scouts must identify a social issue facing her community, investigate it thoroughly, build a team, create a plan, present the plan, gather feedback, take action and educate and inspire others to address the social issue. You can invest in girls that invest in their own community. More than 40 Girl Scouts complete Gold Award projects each year in central, eastern and northern Kentucky.



Girl Scouts learn hands-on about science, technology, engineering and math through one-day events like GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Math and Science), summer camp, and program series in robotics, environmental conservation, and STEM concepts. You can invest in the more than 7,000 Girl Scouts that participate in more than 23 STEM events annually in central, eastern and northern Kentucky.



Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road has partnered with the Kentucky Domestic Violence Association and the Green Dot Initiative to provide anti-bullying programs to Girl Scouts 5 – 8 years of age. Together our organizations will encourage girls and volunteers to engage their communities in violence prevention through education awareness and skills development – which is the GREEN DOT program.



Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road is committed to working with our Girl Scouts, their families, and our communities to improve health outcomes one girl at a time. Our expertise in the personal and social development of girls will allow Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road to take a leading role in combating the serious issue of childhood obesity in Kentucky by providing girls with Live Healthy, Lead Healthy experiences, a specific strategy to reach out to economically disadvantaged girls in central, eastern and northern Kentucky. Nearly 4,000 Girl Scouts participated in a healthy living initiative last year.