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Supporting Camp

Camp Shawano, Camp Judy Layne, and Camp Cardinal have been havens of happy memories for generations of Girl Scout camping. Girls of all ages have come to these camps as their first outdoor experience and have returned year after year to find in these places challenges, which have become strengths; natural wonders, which have become old haunts; and friends, who have become family. The campers of yesterday have grown into the women today; mothers and later grandmothers of the campers of tomorrow. The worth of these camps cannot be measured in their acres of forest, their adventure amenities, or their camping facilities but rather in the over 60 years of inspired dreams of young girls who have camped under the stars at these dear places.    

Be a part of each Girl Scout’s camp experience by donating today! For her possibilities are endless and she will change the world in a positive motion inspired by the dreams she has at camp! 

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