Dollars and Cents

How Much Does Girl Scouts Cost?

Membership: Each girl and adult Girl Scout pays a $15 for the 2014-2015 membership year. This fee goes to Girl Scouts of the USA.  The membership fee is given to the troop leader along with the completed membership form.  None of the membership fee stays with the local council

Program Fees: Nominal programs fees are charged for council-wide events.  Fees vary depending on the activity troops/girls select. In order to make Girl Scouting accessible to all girls, fees are kept low and subsidized by council funds.

Troop Dues: Girls, along with their leaders and parents, decide how much and how often they will pay dues to the troop treasury.  The amount varies from troop to troop.  Troop dues are paid by girls and parents, and typically cover supplies, badges, patches, and field trips. Some troops prefer girls to earn at least part of their troop dues by doing chores at home.

Troop Monies: Troop funds are earned by the troop and are the property of the troop as a whole and are not the individual members.  The troop decides how these funds will be used for their program.  Leaders are required to keep troop financial records and to share this information on a regular basis with parents.

Parent Contributions: Parents may be asked to pay a portion of a special event or project cost that is not met by the girl's own efforts.  The amount would vary depending upon the amount of money in the troop treasury and the costs of the troop plan. Troop leaders discuss the idea and costs with parents before finalizing the plan.

Fall Product and Cookie Sale and troop money-earning projects: A portion of the money girls earn through the annual fall product and cookies sales is kept in the troop treasury.  Girls, along with their leaders, decide on the need for additional money-earning projects. Troops consider these projects when regular meeting dues and product sale proceeds are not enough to cover the cost of all of their activities and plans.

If finances are a barrier: Girl Scouting is for all girls, regardless of financial resources.  Financial assistance is available for events, workshops, training courses, and camps.