Dividing Responsibilities

 #10 Dividing Responsibilities




Kaper Charts:

A kaper is a job or chore that must be done. In Girl Scouting, a kaper chart is prepared which indicates all the jobs available and who is responsible for each one. In other words, a kaper chart is a way of dividing the job so that each girl has a part.

To make a kaper chart, first decide:

  1. Which kapers should be divided
  2. Whether the kapers should be handled by groups or individuals
  3. If groups, group size
  4. What type or style to use
  5. How to rotate the girls

Keep in mind that kaper groups allow leaders to mix the girls in different ways. Typically, groups would stay together a few times and then be mixed up again. Sometimes, however girls rotate more often to give them an opportunity to meet lots of different girls.

Sometimes, groups use a combination of kaper charts for different functions: e.g. one for groups splitting major jobs, one for flag ceremony jobs.

Don’t forget: You can have kaper charts for adults too!

Kapers for Groups:

Note: You probably wouldn’t have all these jobs – choose the ones that work for your troop size and needs.
  • Opening: Choose and lead the opening. Will it be a flag ceremony, a favorite game or song, the Promise, or ???
  • Business Assistants: Pass out and collect papers, take attendance, collect dues.
  • Passers: Pass out any supplies during the meeting.
  • Hostesses: Prepare and pass out snack.
  • Clean Up: Everyone cleans, but these girls make sure it gets done.
  • Closing: Choose and lead the closing. Will it be a song, taking about the living the Promise, friendship circle?

Kapers for Individuals:

Note: Choose the kapers that work for your troop, perhaps combine some.
  • Opening kapers: Promise leader, Law Leader, flag holder, flag ceremony caller, color guards, good deed roll call, bridge of silence (2) - These girls make a bridge with the arms prior to the flag ceremony and everyone flies through underneath, when the girls passes under she stops talking.
  • Business kapers: Secretary-attendance, treasurer – dues
  • Misc. kapers: Line leader, hand out craft supplies, game girl – chooses a game, song singer – chooses a song, share-bear – gets to tell a story on the topic of their choice, historian – takes 3-4 photos of each meeting, floater-fills in when someone is absent, free- no job this time.
  • Snacks kapers: Bring/pass snack, bring/pass drinks, table wipers.
  • Clean up kapers: Push in chairs or stack them, queen of clean – cleans up after snacks, kaper-keeper – moves kaper assignments at the end of the meeting.
  • Closing kapers: Friendship Fairy – starts the friendship squeeze, out Scout – starts Girl Scout out game at closing

Girl Scout Daisies can and should be responsible for the chores involved in running their troop. They can also be taught that doing these kapers is fun!

Kaper Examples:


More information on making kaper charts and templates can be found online; Type "kaper chart" into your favorite search engine!