Direct Sales Q & A

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Q: Why has the Council moved to direct sales?

A: After piloting direct sales in the Licking Valley cluster last year (2012), we have decided to move to Council wide direct sales. Here are a few reasons we are making this move:

  • Troops and girls receive cookies in their hands one month earlier!
  • It gives troops and girls more opportunity for repeat sales.
  • It is proven to lead to higher growth.
  • It saves time by eliminating delivery visits to customers.
  • Troops have a great incentive to hold booth sales, which tend to be more productive than door-to-door selling.
  • Older girls have more freedom to develop and implement innovative sales and marketing plans.

Q: How do I determine how many cookies to order for my initial order?

A. 80-85% of last year's initial order is what the bakery recommends.- SNAP ARCHIVE REPORTS. However, order what you’re comfortable with even if that’s less than 80-85%. Remember, too,  if you have fewer girls than last year, you’ll want to make it 80-85% of the number of girls participating this year.

                *If you were a part of the Licking Valley Cluster last year, take a look at what you ordered last year. If you ran out of cookies within the first couple of weeks and had to pick up more immediately, you will want to add those onto your initial order.

Q: When do I need to place my cookie orders for additional cookies?

A: You will want to place a planned order in SNAP by the previous Sunday by midnight if you plan to pick up that following week at any cupboard location.

Q. What if I have too many cookies?

A: For every troop that has extra cookies there are that many troops in need of cookies. If you find that you have over ordered contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager or Membership Specialist immediately and they will assist you with locating a troop in need of cookies.


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