Daisy Troop 1895 Raises $400 in goods at Shop and Share!

On Saturday, February 2, 9 Daisies with troop 1895 out of Boone County raised $400 in monetary donations that they used to puchases supplies,  plus 5 more carts of supplies in only 2 hours!

Leader Kristi Sullivan stated that the best memory was one of a women who visited the booth with a full cart and said "This cart is for you." Baffled, Kristi replied, "The whole cart?" She had heard right, this was just one of the many instances encountered by the troop on Saturday.

All 9 girls were excited about the help and support they were able to get in the 2 hours they volunteered at Kroger, and most of all they were proud that they were able to make a difference.

Thank you Troop 1895 for all of your hard work and success!