Daisy Program Resources

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The Girl Scout Daisy program has several program resource books for you to use to plan your weekly or bi-monthly troop meetings.

 Here is a summary:

The Daisy Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting is a 9x12 standard three ring binder so girls can add pages and other mementos to it.  The sections will include badge offerings; a handbook section covering traditions, history and bridging; and a "My Girl Scouts" section which include things like scrapbook pages, stickers, etc. and the cost is $22.50.  Click on the link below and view a video that will take you a tour through the Girl Scout handbook

The Girls Guide to Girl Scouting

Girl Scout Daisy Journeys

The Journeys are designed to lead girls through a series of themed and related activities. These activities are specifically designed to help girls reach the goals of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. There are three Journey Books for Daisies to explore:

It’s Your World – Change It!

Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden

It’s Your Planet – Love It!

Between Earth & Sky

 It’s Your Story – Tell it! 

5 Flowers, 4 Stories and 3 Cheers for Animals!

An adult guide accompanies each Journey and is designed to work hand in hand with the Girl Journey book.

The adult guide offers many ways for new and experienced leaders to introduce and implement program activities. Each guide includes a quick overview of Girl Scouts, Girl Scout history, tips for working with Girl Scout Daisies, ceremonies, and introduces the concepts of that particular Journey. It also gives you tips for customizing your Journey for your girls’ interests.

Sample session have been created to help navigate and facilitate the objectives of the Journey. The term “session” should not be confused with actual troop meeting plans, but rather a series of related activities that be done over one or more meeting dates.

Each sample session includes a session goal, activity outline, a list of materials needed and a detailed explanation of each activity.


Click here for more information about Daisy Journeys.