Daisy Flower Garden: Meeting 4


• Girl Scout Sign, Promise and Law

Main Activities: Celebration - Garden Party (See Journey Book)

Craft:   Flower Necklaces

Using yarn and fake flowers, have girls place fake flowers on yarn and help them tie in a knot.

Necklaces should be very loose and easily slip over head. Girls will wear during garden party.


What Am I? (page 62 of Leader Guide)

Have girls stand in circle. Using “What Am I” clues, have girls guess what garden object you are.

Flower Garden Planting Game

Hand the girls their flower masks. This game is played the same way as musical chairs,

except no other chairs are ever removed. When someone is out, that girl sits in one of the chairs and holds her flower mask in front of her face. She is now a planted flower instead of a seed. Continue on until there is one girl left, and that girls are swept away by the wind to grow somewhere else.

Final Activity:

Refreshments – Serve beverage and flower or insect shaped cookies (i.e. butterfly)

Present Certificates, plants and Basil recipe

Closing – Friendship Circle and good-bye.


  1. Flower Masks
  2. Plants & Dixie cups
  3. Fake flowers (bags from Michael’s)
  4. Yarn
  5. What Am I – Garden Clues
  6. Instructions for how to allow basil to grow and how to use in cooking
  7. Beverage
  8. Cookies