Daisy Flower Garden: Meeting 3

Meeting 3:


• Girl Scout Sign, Promise and Law

Main Activities – Nature

Craft: (prep – write names of girls on popsicle sticks)

Flower Mask (you will take hope their flower mask to distribute during Week 4)

• Hand out flower sheet.

• Have girls draw their face on the circle inside the flower.

• Have girls color the parts of the flower outside the circle only.

• Have girls cut out flower and glue popsicle stick to back of flower.

• Allow glue to dry. Homework: You will need to write name on back of flower in case popsicle stick separates.


Imitating Nature Charades (see page 60 of Leader Guide)

Have girls stand in a circle. Ask the girls to name some of the natural objects they saw when they were/go outdoors? (i.e. grass, rocks, trees) To help them out, ask questions such as, “How about grass? Is grass hard or soft? What color is grass?”

Tell the girls that you are going to name a natural object and they have to pretend to be that object.

Explain that they need to make their bodies look like that object and move like that object.

Name natural objects such as tree, rock, blade of grass, soft cloud, warm sun, a butterfly, an ant, a worm, a bird, etc.

What’s In the Bag - (see page 68 of Leader Guide)

• Tell the girls that we are going to have some fun with things that live in a garden.

• Use bag filled with rocks, stones, twigs, bark, pine cones, acorns, etc.

• Taking turns, blindfold girls and have them reach into the bag and take out one object.

• Ask girls to describe how the object feels, i.e. smooth, rough, spiky, fuzzy, etc.

• Let the girls guess what their object is and remove blindfold to see if she guessed correctly.

Me and My World (page 13 of Daisy Flower Garden book)

Have girls complete the Me and My World Sheet.

Final Activity:

Girl look at their plants, see how much they have grown and water.

Closing - Friendship Circle


  1. Daisy Flower Garden Leader Guide
  2. Daisy Flower Garden book
  3. Plants
  4. Dixie Cups
  5. Flower Mask
  6. Glue
  7. Blindfold
  8. Paper bag
  9. Things from nature – (i.e. rocks, stones, twigs, shells, pieces of bark, pine cones, acorns or other big seeds and seed pods)
  10. Me and My World Sheets