Daisy Flower Garden: Meeting 2

Meeting 2: (outside activities – okay to switch weeks 2 and 3 depending on weather)


• Girl Scout Sign, Promise and Law

Main Activity: Outdoor Sights, Feelings and Smells (Pages 46-47 of Leader Guide)

Outdoor Sights – The girls will be using their eyes to view nature.

• Find an open space big enough to move around and clear enough to lie down.

• Have the girls lie on their backs and look up. Ask, “What do you see?”

• Have girls turn over and lie on their stomachs. Ask, “Now what do you see?”

• Ask girls to crawl around on the ground so they can see the ground the ways animalsdo.

• Ask girls to looks for different colors and shapes of nature. Ask, “What kinds of thingscan you find?”

Outdoor Feelings – The girls will be using their sense of touch.

• Find an area outside that has things such as trees, grass, rocks, etc.

• Have the girls to touch nature that they see around – leaves, soil, rocks, bark, grass.

Ask, “How would you describe them?”

• Have the girls to stand first in the sun, and then in the shade. Ask, “How does each one feel?”

• If it is breezy or windy, have the girls stand facing the wind for a few seconds, and then turn away from the wind. Ask, “What feels different?”

Outdoor Smells – The girls will be using their sense of smell.

• Find an area outside that has lots of room to move, and maybe some trees, flowers, etc.

• Have the girls breathe deeply and then ask them,

“What do you smell? Can you smell flowers, trees, water, animals? Do you smell anything unusual? Can you follow the scent to see what it is?”

• Have girls choose a small object (i.e. a leaf) and pinch it. Ask, “How does it smell?”

Garden Scamper Game (Page 53 of Leader Guide)

  • Find an open area and have girls make two lines facing each other. Ask the girls to give you the names of types of garden critters. Help them if they cannot think of any, i.e. rabbit (hop), bird (flap arms widely), bumble bee (flap hands only and buzz), squirrels (both hands together in front – squirrels run/stop, run/stop), deer (hands up on head to look like antlers), and worms (hands together in front of body and slither arms/hands back and forth, and hiss). Before game, have girls imitate actions these animals.
  • Tell the girls that you are going to call out the names of some garden critters, and when the girls at the end of the line hear the name of the critter, they must run up through the middle of the two lines while imitating the garden critter. Once at the top of the line, they decide together which garden critter they will call, and the girls at the end of the line run up through the middle while imitating the garden critter. Continue until all girls have had a chance to call and imitate.

Final Activity:

Girl look at their plants, see how much they have grown and water.

Ask girls “Caring for your plants is what part of the Girl Scouts Law?” Answer is Responsible

for what I say and do.

Closing - Friendship Circle


  1. Daisy Flower Garden Leader Guide
  2. Daisy Flower Garden book
  3. Do It By Hand Sheet
  4. Plants
  5. Dixie Cups