Daisy Flower Garden: Introduction

Form a circle. Tell the girls they are in a Daisy Circle and that they will join in a Daisy Circle for special times like now. Each girl takes a turn saying her name, grade and favorite thing to do.

Opening :

• Ask, “Does anyone know anything about Girl Scouts?”

• Introduce Girl Scout Girl Scout Sign and Quiet Sign

• Introduce Girl Scout Handshake

• Girl Scout Promise (see page 37 of Leader Guide). “The Girl Scout Promise is the way Girl Scouts agree to act towards one another and other people.”

• Girl Scout Law – The Girl Scout Law shows you all the good ways that Girl Scouts try to treat one another in the world. Use poster to introduce Flower Characters and what they represent.

Main Activity:

First Planting – (Pages 42-43 of Leader Guide)

(Draw a line on the inside of the starter pot no more than about ½” from the top.) The easier way to keep a planting from becoming messy is to pre-measure the amount of soil to be used into a snack sized zip lock bag, and then give each girl their own bag to use.

• Tell the girls that they will be planting and growing their own lettuce. Explain that you brought lettuce seeds for them to plant. Tell them that this type of lettuce is a leaf lettuce which makes a salad really good, and that it is really easy to grow in their homes.

• Make sure to explain that you will be keeping the mini garden between weeks and will water the plants. Mention that every week before closing, girls will look at their plants, see how much it they have grown, and water them.

• Give each girl a half sheet of newspaper or paper towel to set in front of them.

• Give each girl a Dixie cup and spoon, and have them write their names on the side of the cup.

• Place seeds in a bowl and let the girls choose their own seed. These are very tiny seeds, and each girl should take 3-5 seeds.

• Give each girl a pre-measured baggie with soil and have them neatly dump the contents into their Dixie cup.

• The girls should each take their plastic teaspoon and put one teaspoon of soil back into the baggie.

• Girls will sprinkle the seeds in the middle of their cups, and then have them lightly sprinkle the set aside teaspoon of soil over the top of the seeds. Do not press down on the soil.

• You will have already poured water into additional Dixie cups for groups of girls, and have the girls take turns sprinkling 1-2 tsp of water on top of their soil. (save water cups for future watering)

• Leader covers each starter pot tightly with saran wrap (it will be necessary for leader to water each pot lightly 1-2x/day and recover with wrap.)

• Every week, allow girls to gently remove wrap and water lightly, and then cover again with wrap.

Closing – Friendship Circle (briefly discuss the activities they did during this meeting, and give a hint of what they will be doing next week)


  1. Daisy Flower Garden Leader Guide
  2. Daisy Flower Garden book
  3. Juliette Low Action Game and signs
  4. Masking tape
  5. Black Simpson Leaf Lettuce seeds
  6. Permanent Markers
  7. Potting soil
  8. Dixie cups for planting and watering
  9. Spoons
  10. Saran Wrap