Daisy Characterisitcs

#6 Getting to Know a Daisy (continued)



The Characteristics of a Girl Scout Daisy

Emotional Characteristics

  • Wants to do things herself to bolster her growing independence
  • Needs the approval and support of adults and peers
  • Is curious about people and the world around her
  • Is learning the power of words
  • Can understand rules and tries to conform
  • Sometimes blames others for her own mistakes
  • Is usually cooperative

Physical Characteristics

  • May still need help with dressing and tying shoes
  • Usually has better control of large muscles than smaller ones
  • Is responsible for toileting, but sometimes has “accidents” if she waits too long or is busily involved ins something
  • Is developing good eye-hand coordination
  • Is usually able to play in one place, but can be fidgety
  • Often works in cyclic bursts of energy
  • Usually cannot sit still for long periods of time.

Social Characteristics

  • Likes to play with peers
  • Usually likes to work in small groups of two or three
  • Has a strong link to parents or main caregiver and other family members
  • Needs support in putting things away
  • Likes to please adults and is interested in their reactions and judgments
  • Is interested in making up rules for the group
  • Can engage in group discussions
  • Is capable of compromise, waiting her turn, and working out disputes with adult support

Intellectual Characteristics

  • Knows letter and numbers
  • Beginning to read
  • Enjoys a sense of competence, socially and intellectually
  • Centers her ideas and her perceptions around herself and how she experiences the world – can’t always see another viewpoint
  • Does not have an accurate sense of the passage of time
  • Learns by doing, experiencing and playing