Creative Ways to Give Out Awards-Juniors

 #16 Junior Awards (continued)




The girls work hard to earn their awards, and finding special ways to give their awards acknowledges their efforts.  Try to avoid just sticking them in a Ziploc bag or envelope.  Here are some ideas you might like!

Ribbon:  staple them all onto a wide ribbon with a pin at the top so the ribbon can be fastened to the vest/sash.  Use themed (sunflower, daisy, rainbow, etc.) cotton ribbon 3-4 inches wide.  Perhaps  put a magnetic strip on the back so it could be hung on the fridge until the badges are sewn or ironed onto the vest.  Each ribbon could have a name tag at the top.

Wreath:  straw wreaths (one for each girl).  Wrap the wreath in approximately ½ yard fabric.  Use straight pins to attach the badges to the wreath.

Poster Vest/Sash:  Cut out of poster board a sash or vest the correct color and attach the badges on them. 

Flower Pot:  Get a cheap clay pot (one per girl).  Have the girls sponge paint/decorate it with their name and pictures.  Attach one badge to a paper cupcake cup, then to a green chenille stem (in other words, make each patch into a flower, add leaves, etc.) “Plant them” in florist foam in the clay pot.

Flower Bouquet:  Attach badges to green chenille stem and include a bouquet of silk flowers.

Balloons:  Put the badges inside of the balloon then blow them up with helium or attach badges to ribbons or streamers coming down.


You can search online for lots of ideas for creative ways to give your girls their earned awards!