Licking Valley Direct Sales Pilot


Licking Valley Direct Sales PILOT Program

This Pilot is only for girls in Boone, Kenton, Campbell, Grant, Owen, Pendleton, Mason, Robertson, Fleming, Gallatin and Bracken Counties!



Cookies NOW!

Cookies NOW! is the exciting new pilot cookie sale format for Licking Valley Cluster in Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Council this year.  It adds a Direct Sale component to our cookie sale. From early January, girls will have boxes of cookies IN HAND to sell door to door, to do walkabouts, marketing, cookie caravans and to sell to family and friends.  Girl Scouts exchange cookies and payment in one easy step! No need to take orders, wait weeks and then return to deliver and collect money. The Cookies NOW! program condenses all that work into one simple step.

Ok, the girls are not taking pre-orders.  How do I place my daughter’s Initial Order?!?  The recommended Initial Order is 85% of what your initial order was last year!  You can check with your troop leader and she will be able to pull up your record from last year’s cookie sale. 

The Direct Sale really makes it that much easier to sell cookies. A typical Troop will sell 6-8% MORE cookies than they did last year by moving to a Direct Sale format. When customers see the product they are 90% more likely to purchase the product.  Customers are also more likely to make multiple purchases instead of just ordering once.



  • Your daughter MUST be a registered Girl Scout for the 2012-2013 membership year to sell cookies.
  • You MUST sign the permission slip and return it to the troop leader before participating.
  • Your daughter MUST have proper adult supervision while selling.
  • Once cookies are issued, you and your daughter are responsible for all of the cookies and/or money.
  • Cookies CANNOT be returned.
  • Your daughter must turn the money in on time.
  • Cookies are $3.50 per package.  Troops make .50 for every box sold.
  • Girls/parents may market their cookie sale online at

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