Components of a Girl Scout Junior Troop Meeting

#7 Components of a Girl Scout Junior Meeting



The center of the Girl Scout Junior program is the troop meeting.  By giving structure to your meetings, girls know what to expect and allow them opportunities to use their leadership skills.  Please review the meetings wheel and the overview of each part of the meeting. 

Pre-meeting Activity:  A planned activity to engage girls while others are arriving.

Opening:  Say the Promise and Law or flag ceremony, simple song, poem or game.

Business:  Held whenever girls need to make decisions or plan or discuss.

Program Activity:  This is the major part of the meeting -  have fun, earn Junior Badges, take a Junior  Journey and earn awards, participate in service projects, take short trips in the community or other activities of the girls’ choosing.

Clean up:  This is the responsibility of everyone.  Use a kaper chart to divide responsibilities.

Closing:  Formal end of the meeting – retire the flag, sing a quiet song and do a friendship circle.

Guides to Quality Program

  • Be Girl-Led – involve the girls in the planning of activities to the fullest extent that is developmentally appropriate.
  •  Make it Active – find a way for all girls to participate in all segments of the troop meeting.
  •  Include service, learning and fun!