Brownie WOW: Meeting 5

Meeting 5: Share Water (2 Hours)

Goal-.The girls will share what they have learned by carrying out their SHARE plan. They will prepare to educate, and inspire others to appreciate, conserve and protect our water sources.

Materials Needed:

• Copies of the WOW! Girl’s Book

• WOW! Leader’s Guide

• Signed Permission Slips

• First Aid Kit

• Any materials, posters, signs etc… needed for the site

• Invitations for guests (either made by girls or ones leader prepared to hand out)

• A reminder note to take home regarding their special stuffed animal for the celebration

1. Introduction- Gather the girls in a Share Circle. Remind them of their role in today’s activities. Remind the girls to advocate in a clear and loud voice

2. Carrying out the Plan- Assist the girls in caring out their plan at the site. Read and share some ideas for sharing on pages 88-89 in the Leader’s Guide.

3. Closing- Remind the girls that Girl Scouts always leave a place better than they found it so make sure they clean up properly.

  • In a Share circle commend them on a job well done!
  • Ask them how they feel their plan went and how do they feel about themselves?
  • Do they think they made a difference today?
  • Treat them to a special snack at the site or on the way home!

4. WOW! Celebration Preparation-

  • Tell the girls that the next meeting will be their WOW! Celebration.
  • Ask them to bring a special stuffed animal that would live in the water (if not available then one that would use water to survive) with them to the next meeting for their WOW! Celebration. (see page 110 in the Girl’s Book)
  • Ask the girls if they would like to invite anyone special to their celebration (i.e. parents/guardians, special community members that they worked with)
  • Special Snack- Share the snack on page 111 in their book.
    • Ask them if they would like to have that or something else?
    • Other ideas? (You can share ideas you might have too!)
  • Determine what time you would like the guests to arrive.
    • There will be need to be preparation time before they arrive. See Session 6 for more details. 
  • Have the girls make and bring home invitations to their guests (optional).