Brownie WOW: Meeting 4

Meeting 4: Share Water (2 Hours)

Goal-.The girls will prepare to share what they have learned by practicing their SHARE plan.

They will prepare to educate, and inspire others to appreciate, conserve and protect our water sources.

Materials Needed:

• Copies of the WOW! Girl’s Book

• WOW! Leader’s Guide

• WOW! Map

• Page 81 in Leader’s Guide (copy and cut into strips)

• Container for the strips

• Arts & Crafts supplies for making posters or signs

• Poster board for signs

• Permission Slips

1.    Introduction- Gather the girls in a Share Circle. We will be preparing to share our Save Plan with others. We need to practice our public speaking and decide who we will be sharing it with.

2.    Communicate it! Tell the girls we will take some time today to practice speaking to others in a way that gets our points across. Do the Communicate it! Activity on pages 78-79 in the Leader’s Guide.

a.    Prior to the meeting copy and cut apart the Communicate it! Scenarios found on page 81 in the Leader’s Guide.

b.    Next practice the proper way the girls want to convey their messages using their actual plan.

3.    Preparing the Materials- The girls will need to decide how they want to share their plan and prepare materials for that presentation. Review page 74 with the girls to help them create their ideas.

4.    Have the girls make posters, signs or other visuals to help them communicate their share plan.

5.    Their plan should include sharing their reasons for loving water and why they want to help others understand its importance and how they should protect it.

6.    Make sure you have decided upon some sort of documentation of the girl’s impact on others on the day of the Share Plan. Ideas can be found on page 75 of the Leader’s Guide. This will be needed to earn the WOW! Leadership Award.

7.    WOW! Map- Have the girls write on their map a sentence they will use to get share their plan with others. Have them draw a speech bubble around their sentence and a picture of themselves saying that sentence. They could also draw the person to whom they want to share this information.

8.    Underwater World Story- Tell the girls we want to talk a little about how important water is to animal life. Ask them to say a name of an animal they know that either lives in the water or needs water to survive (which of course are all animals!)

9.    Read with the girls the story on pages 60-76. Read just the story. Skip over the other stories and activities for now.

10.  After the story, ask them how important was the water to these animals that the girls visited in the story. Allow time for the girls to share their thoughts.

11.   Closing-Depending on your share plan, your next meeting should be at the plan site.

a.    Send home permission slips and other information they will need to share with their parents regarding the plan.

b.    Remind the girls to wear their vests to their next meeting.

12. In the Share Circle, remind the girls that they are fulfilling part of the Girl Scout Law by asking people to Use Resources Wisely. The girls should take pride in their efforts.